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Alastair Broom, MD of Garageflex, talks about the services we offer

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Our MD features on eCommerce Masterplan Podcast

Alastair was delighted to be invited onto the recent eCommerce Masterplan podcast with host Chloe Thomas. Chloe interviewed Alastair to find out more about our eCommerce activities particularly our online store www.diyyourgarage.co.uk.

Watch the podcast here to find out Alastair’s top tips, his preferred reading material on the subject and how we built our online business from nothing three years ago.
Podcast June 2016

Want to know more about who we are? Alastair Broom provides a short overview

“It’s like having an extra room rather than a garage.”

Mr and Mrs Moore from Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire contacted us earlier in the year to see if we could help them sort out their garage.  They wanted to get rid of all the bugs, add in storage and make space for the car.  Alastair Broom who looks after the London and Home Counties area went round to see them, measured up the garage and talked to Mr and Mrs Moore about exactly what they wanted to do.  Alastair then drew up a plan using his CAD software, leaving them with a floor plan and quote as to how we could help transform their garage.

A few weeks later, our team of fitters arrived to get started on installing the Garageflex system and three days later the transformation was complete.

We asked Mr and Mrs Moore if they could tell us more about their garage makeover:

  1. What was the biggest problem with your garage?
    Our garage was piled high with ‘stuff’ and it was hard to get to things.  No order.
  2. Why did you decide to get your garage sorted out?
    Thought it would make a spaec for everything and help to keep it tidy as well as making room for the car.
  3. Why did you choose Garageflex?
    Garageflex were recommended and we were very impressed with the initial consultation with Alastair.
  4. What are you most pleased with now the transformation has taken place?
    Love the cleanliness, tidiness, choice of cupboards, shelves etc. and having everything in its place.

“The spiders and cobwebs are no more and we have at last got some order in our garage and a place for everything including the car. It’s like having an extra room rather than a garage. Garage flex we’re extremely efficient and friendly and would definitely recommend them to our friends.”  Mr and Mrs Moore, Buckinghamshire, March 2016

The perfect home for this customer’s beloved car collection

This garage which was completed by the Garageflex team in March 2016 looks stunning.  Before it was a plain garage that was a bit dusty and not the ideal place to keep a gorgeous car collection.  The customer spoke to us to see how we could help and we were delighted to give him a design and quote for transforming it.  Our team of fitters spent 4 days fitting FlexiPanel to the walls, adding in some wall storage in the shape of cabinets and the customer’s own shelving units plus cladding the ceiling.

The result is a bright space which the owner is delighted with.  He now has space for his four beloved cars plus you can spot a little Audi too in there somewhere.  Here’s what Mr R had to say about his garage transformation.

What was the biggest problem with your garage?

It was a newly built garage about a year ago and finished internally with breeze block and an open roof.  It was an unpleasant space to be. It needed finishing in one way or another.

Why did you decide to get your garage sorted out?

I have always wished to have a large garage. I have always previously had to compromise on garage size and when we moved to Huntingdon we were determined to have a big garage. The internal lining was the finishing touch and has allowed me to fulfill my dreams.

Why did you choose Garageflex?

Whilst some may want a fitted garage along the lines of a kitchen, I didn’t, and Garageflex gave what I thought was a good option for me, of lining it with limited cupboards, but the opportunity to add to it if I wished. It was flexible rather than being a once and for all fitted garage solution.

What are you most pleased with now the transformation has taken place?

I finally have a garage to be proud of and enjoy being in. My wife also thinks it helps in my constant quest for perfection. Also a great home for my cars.

Have a Complete Garage Makeover


This means installing panelling on all three walls in your garage, laying a floor, a ceiling and adding in a good range of storage accessories such as cabinets, PowerTrack and hooks.

We recommend that this option is installed by our professional fitting team who will transform your garage in 3-4 days.

To find out more about our Complete Garage Makeover, CLICK HERE.

Buy our products online from our e-store for DIY at home

Garageflex Master Logo

Our online store was launched back in 2012 to allow current and new customers to buy our products to install themselves at home.  Included here are all of our Ceiling Storage range including PowerTrack, offering a great alternative if you would prefer to undertake the work yourself and reduce costs.

Install FlexiTrack on your wall

FX10008 FlexiTrack 4 - Copy

These are small strips of FlexiPanel, each measuring 246cm in width and 15cm in height, and can be cut to fit the space you have available. So if you only have a small part of your garage for storage then these strips are very useful and can take all of our Baskets and Bins including our Docking Station.

We can either install them for you as part of our Design & Install service, or you can buy them online to install yourself at home.

Click here to find out more about our FlexiTrack.

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