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Mr and Mrs Moore, Buckinghamshire, March 2016

We have at last got some order in our garage and a place for everything including the car.  It’s like having an extra room rather than the garage.

View the case study here.

Mr J, Lancashire, March 2016

“Since your installment to my garage floor, its a different environment altogether.  Tidy, fresh looking and easy to keep clean.  Thanks again.”

Our snaps from The Henley House & Garden Show

It was fantastic to again be involved in The Henley House & Garden Show this weekend set up by Niki Schafer and the team at White Fox Events.  We met lots of lovely people who came over to our stand to have a chat including Henley’s Mayor Lorraine Hillier and DJ Mike Read.  The Fashion Show on Saturday afternoon featured the likes of Angie and Calum Best as well as a whole host of other local celebrities.  The whole event had a lovely, friendly atmosphere with lots of local exhibitors showcasing their interesting and unique talents.

Here are a few snaps of a fantastic weekend.

Garageflex feature AGAIN on Homify Article

Resin Homify

We are delighted that once again, Homify have mentioned us in an article.  This time titled “Six Ideas for Innovative Flooring” and focused on our Resin Floor offering.  Here’s what they said:

“Although there are lots of cheaper imitations available on the market, we still strongly advise that you consider investing in real resin. Resin is incredibly durable and long lasting, more so than its cheaper alternatives including laminate and plastic options. Resin is stronger than flooring materials that are laid over the foundation and more equipped to withstand the impacts of force and weathering than flooring that must be installed in pieces like tiling or parquetry. The shining monolithic final product is not only ideal for practical reasons, but it looks quite splendid, too. Resin can be particularly useful in areas that are likely to experience a lot of action like the garage.”

We thoroughly agree!  To see the full article, click here.


A garage makeover can add up to £30k to a homes value

Many home owners think about converting their garage into a living space for a number of reasons. It could be to create a playroom or bedroom, somewhere else to store all the clutter or even to try to add value to their property. However, findings actually suggest that most home buyers find a garage very appealing and can add as much as 20% to a property in a desirable area.

Garageflex Fitted Garage Transformations

A Daily Telegraph article back in 2006 also stated that for an £8,000 Garageflex makeover of a triple garage in Virginia Water, approx. £20-25k was added to the property value. Now that’s a few years ago so in today’s money you could probably amend that to a £12,500 investment to give you a £30k return – not bad in today’s market.

Therefore, our advice is to keep the garage but give it a makeover and ensure it fits with your lifestyle. So for a cycling fan you could add in some bike storage as well as clearing the clutter or get some storage accessories added in to tidy away the kids toys. Creating a bespoke storage solution for the garage allows you to spend more time doing the things you love rather than searching through the clutter for what you need. Plus it adds value to your property and will be attractive to buyers if and when you decide to sell.

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