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Want to add value to your home? Keep the garage as a garage!


With the New Year in sight, you may be wondering whether converting your garage into a living space could add value to your property. However, findings actually suggest that most home buyers find a garage very appealing and in some cases it can add as much as 15% to a property in a desirable area.  So what should you do?

Keep it is the answer and give it a makeover.  Ensure you are making the most of it with storage solutions that suit your needs and will be attractive to buyers if and when you come to sell.  A Daily Telegraph article back in 2006 stated that for an £8000 makeover of a triple garage, approx. £20-25k was added to the property value.  Not that’s a few years ago so in today’s money you could probably amend that to a £12,500 investment to give you a £30k return – not bad really in today’s market.

First of all think about what you do in your garage and what you want to use it for, that should answer the basic questions around how much storage you need and if you can designate particular areas to hobbies such as cycling, golf, tinkering with your beloved vintage car or even think about having part of it as a home gym.

Wall Storage
Hanging items off the walls are a great way to keep your garage looking neat and tidy.  Not only do they keep everything off the floor but they give it an uncluttered look which is visually appealing.  There are many storage options to choose from including Cupboards, Racks, Hooks and Shelves.

Ceiling Storage
The ceiling of your garage is probably the most underused space in your home.  Why not add in hooks, hoists or overhead storage racks so that large or seasonal items such as Christmas Trees, timber, pipework etc. are out of the way and in a safe place.

Don’t forget the floor
The floor really completes a garage so its important as the final piece of the jigsaw to compliment the rest of the garage.  Keep it simple with neutral greys or blacks that are easy to keep clean but that give a non-slip finish too.  A tiled or resin floor can make all the difference and will last a lot longer than a painted finish which will soon peel and flake.

And what about the doors?
If yours are a bit past their sell by date perhaps you should invest in having them updated.  Roller Shutter or Sectional doors allow you maximise the space in your garage as you can park within millimetres of them without the worry that they will damage your car. Adding in a threshold barrier can stop all the debris, leaves and water from getting in too.

Just remember, thinking now about storage and giving it a professional finish could make your house more attractive and reap the rewards in the future.  What have you got to lose?

Garageflex provide bespoke storage solutions for the residential garage covering wall, ceiling and flooring options and cover the whole of the UK.Garage

Happy Christmas from us all at Garageflex

We would like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas and wish you all the best during the festive season.  You may also wish to view our 2014 Christmas Card which is an animated video where Stickman goes on a Christmas journey! Click here to view.

2015 Christmas Card


We would like to also let you know that we will be open until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December but then closed until 9am on Monday 4th January 2016.  For any issues during that time please email us at and we’ll do our best to get back to you.


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Beautifully transformed double garage in Manchester

Lovely double garage makeover in Manchester, click on the image to see more photos.

An Extraordinary Garage Makeover

Although best known for our traditional wall, ceiling and flooring solutions, for this customer we did something extraordinary.  Mr S wanted to update his garage with wall storage to hold all his sports equipment as well as creating an overflow kitchen area for those larger family events when the space in the house was just not big enough.  On top of that, he also wanted to update his garage door to increase security, create more usable space and stop all the draughts from coming in AND sort out access to his loft space above the garage.

Alastair Broom went to visit and talked Mr S though all the options and how the process would work.  He left him with a detailed plan and an accurate cost for Garageflex to complete the work.  Work was undertaken in mid November 2015 and took roughly 5 days to complete.

As you can see from the finished result, the floor is now superbly smooth and bright, the wall storage for his bike, golf clubs and other bits keep the floor area clear of clutter and the kitchen units add a real wow factor.  The old garage door has been replaced by a slick Roller Shutter door (to see more of this service click here) and means that he can now park his car right up against it without the fear of scratching his car or having to move it to open the door and access to the loft area has been updated and made easily accessible.  Needless to say, Mr S is delighted with the result and so are we.

Garageflex to exhibit at the 2016 London Classic Car Show

We are really pleased to announce that we will again be at The London Classic Car Show in 2016, taking place at London’s Excel Centre.  Why not visit us on Stand H90 to see our products including resin and tiled flooring and see how we can help you transform your garage storage.


The London Classic Car Show is the must attend event for any discerning classic car owner, collector, expert or enthusiast. From 18-21st February 2016 at ExCeL London, the Show brings together an international celebration of the very best dealers, manufacturers, car clubs and products.  Set in London’s premier events venue and more than 50% bigger in 2016, the Show features an indoor driving runway where iconic classic cars are fired up and driven. See, hear and smell these beautiful iconic classics in action! Find us on stand XX

For more information visit

Declutter ahead of Christmas – here’s our top tips.

If clearing the clutter is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, you may be leaving it too late!

So much ‘stuff’ comes into our houses at Christmas time – from decorations to novelty gifts – that after the busy festive season, it’s very tempting to just stick it all in the back of a cupboard or dump it in the garage. Getting rid of things you don’t need before the festivities begin means that you’ll have more available space when it comes to putting the Christmas things away and you’ll have a better chance of starting the year with a clutter-free and organised space.

If you feel you neither have time nor energy to de-clutter your home at this hectic time of year, then follow these easy tips to create a schedule that feels manageable for you and get ready for an organised Christmas!


Find out what works best for you

De-cluttering can feel a bit overwhelming, so make sure you adjust your vision from the big picture to smaller, individual manageable tasks. Some people prefer working in big chunks while others like doing a bit at a time so work out which approach feels better for you. Clear one room at a time and pick out things that annoy you on a daily basis. Schedule time to de-clutter. Even 15 minutes a day will give you time to make a good start.

Clear out your garage

Don’t just pile up things in the garage; the danger here is that once you start to use it as a dumping ground for unwanted stuff it can become a hard habit to break. Once your garage is cleared you might have room for your car, could become an effective workspace for your DIY projects or ensure your sports equipment is better maintained and accessible.

Don’t get blind to things

It’s very easy to forget about things once they’re tucked away in a cupboard or in a box and many people put things on a shelf ‘just in case’ which doesn’t only mean you risk forgetting about them but will also become blind to the fact they’re unwanted. Ask yourself: ‘When will I ever need this again?’ If you can’t think of a quick answer, then it’s time to part ways with it.
Consider donating
Before you throw anything into the rubbish bin think about donating. Every year charity shops see a drop in donations in November and December compared to the rest of the year. Help them fill back up and do your good deed for Christmas.

Get rid of unwanted Christmas decorations

Is your garage a Bermuda Triangle of dusty Christmas decorations from years gone by? Although some decorations will stand the test of time and be used year after year, many become dated or just unpopular and pile up as clutter in your garage. Unwanted Christmas lights can be recycled at household waste recycling centres. Plastic baubles are usually made from types of plastic not widely collected in the UK and are likely to be covered with glitter which would impact on the recycling process so why not consider donating them to charity or offer them to family, friends or even a local hostel or hospital? You could also use websites such as Freecycle to give someone a free Christmas gift.

Invest in storage solutions

As many of the items you store in your garage or garden shed are bulky and heavy, it makes sense to invest in some heavy duty storage solutions. Consider how to make best use of all the useable space. Try using mounted clear bins and baskets for wall storage – you can stack or hang them and easily identify what’s inside. If you choose a flexible storage system (for example Garageflex’s FlexiPanels) you can rearrange your space whenever you need to.

Don’t forget to celebrate when you’re done, it’s Christmas time after all!

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