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Get Your Garage Ready for Winter – A My Renovation Magazine Special by Alastair Broom

Winter is on the way, bringing with it chilly, wet days and freezing nights that can leave your garage cold and damp. A little preparation now can save you money later by preventing the need for costly repairs in the spring.

We know a thing or two about keeping garages in good condition over the winter months and have some top tips so you can be ahead of the game before the first frost hits.


Autumn Clear Our
However hard you try, we are pretty sure that over the summer your garage will have gathered a lot of extra ‘stuff’. Paddling pools and bicycle pumps, footballs and scooters will have been dragged and dropped in the garage making this the perfect time to have a clear out. Go through everything and throw out and recycle anything you don’t need then put everything else away in the right place or find new, safe homes. Remember to remove hoses that may have water in, if they freeze they will expand and split. Wipe the walls, clear away dust and cobwebs, clean oil spots, then sweep the floor and hose it clean.


Get Things Off the Ground
Hang bikes from hooks, pop shovels, brooms and other handled equipment on the walls and generally de-clutter the floor. Using our TekPanel or TekTrak panels you can choose from cabinets, baskets, shelves or racks and decide which ones will work best for your needs.

Sort Out Seasonal Storage
This is a great time to rotate storage bins, bring out the coats and boots, and pack up the gardening gear and pool toys until the spring.

Insulate the Right Way
Ensure your garage is well insulated as this will not only help regulate the temperature, but it can reduce energy bills, act as a noise buffer and save you getting chilblains when you head out for beers from the fridge.

Check Your Garage Door
Ensure checking your garage door is in working order, is on your list of jobs. Check all hinges and locks, get them oiled and if they look as if they need replacing, this is the time to do it.

Shovel, salt and de-icer
Whilst we don’t get a lot of snow in the UK, it is always a good idea to ensure you have your most useful winter tools within easy reach. Think about using wall tool hooks for shovels and keep salt and buckets nearby – ideally somewhere dry and close to the door.

Check the lighting
There is nothing worse than going outside to find something in the freezer on Christmas Eve and the lights blowing. Go round and check lights, and all other electrics, and make sure they are in good working order. Keeping a stock of bulbs in a safe place, and a working torch near the door of your garage, is always a good idea.

Keep the outside, outside
If you have an attached garage, think about mats so you don’t walk mud, salt and water into your home and onto the carpets. Mats act as great landing spots where you can shoes and boots to dry, clean up the dog and add a few hooks to hang coats and scarves to make the world of difference.

If would like any help on how to make your garage work for you this winter, simply get in touch.

See How FlexiTrack Can Be Used

We know that every garage is different.  You may wish to add just a small amount of storage or just have a need for something small to fit a particular area.  That’s where our FlexiTrack strips come in.

FlexiTrack are strips of panel which can be easily cut to fit your available space.  They can be fixed to the wall and from which the majority of our accessories can be hung, ideal if you wish to use Garageflex products but do not want to panel your entire wall.  It is available to buy for DIY installation from just £12.90 per 97 inch length including P&P.

A piece of FlexiTrack can take something small like a shelf or add in three lengths and hang a Wall Cabinet.  This means it gives you the ultimate amount of flexibility yet allows you to create storage that works for you.

For assembly instructions, click here.  But here’s one we prepared earlier!

Step 1: Attach FlexiTrack to your wall

FlexiTrack are small lengths of our panel which can be used anywhere in the garage, shed or utlity area

Step 2: Shelves, brackets and baskets now added ready to store your items

Add racks, hooks, baskets and shelves to our FlexiTrack for a fitted garage

Step 3: All garage items are added and are stored quickly and easily with no fuss

Storage accessories to suit your lifestyle - our FlexiTrack

You’ll be amazed at what products can be stored on these strips from Bike Racks to Hooks and from Hobby Centres to Tool Holders.  In fact we also offer something we call Complete Solutions which is FlexiTrack supplied with a certain selection of our products to make it even simpler and they start from just £40.

As with all Garageflex products, this allows complete flexibility to move your items where you wish on the FlexiTrack and below you will find some examples of how our FlexiTrack product has been used in garages across the country.

Or you can buy via our e-store click on the link below.


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

We’re afraid that we are not offering any Partridges for Christmas but we are offering a fantastic 25% off of our Christmas Collection including our Vertical Bike Rack and Golf Racks.

Picture1But be quick, this is only valid from Monday 23rd November until midnight on Sunday 29th November 2015 and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer.  This also doesn’t apply to supply and installation jobs, just the e-store.  There will be more special offers and discounts coming soon so make sure you keep an eye on our blog for the latest news.

Garageflex Garage Door Service – creating smart garage doors to your exact specification

We are delighted to offer a Garage Door service as an addition to our current services

As well as asking us to help with the design and installation of their garage storage, customers also want to deal with their garage doors at the same time.  We find that the main issues are either their current door doesn’t fit very well and so they have draughts coming into the garage, or else they have two door openings which are not big enough to get their car through.

Therefore we are pleased to now offer a service as part of our wider garage storage installation using a tried and tested UK garage door partner.    But, and here’s the great thing, you don’t necessarily have to complete a garage makeover through us, we would be more than happy to help with your garage door on a stand alone basis.

Here’s some great benefits and peace of mind points to be aware of

  1. Both Roller Shutter and Sectional doors offer excellent insulation properties to cut out those nasty draught and annoying leaves
  2. Both options are motorised and come with two remote controls per door
  3. They are easy to use with safety equipment fitted as standard
  4. You can park your car millimetres from the garage door without any fear of hitting the car when the door opens
  5. They come in a range of standard colours but we can also arrange bespoke colours for an additional fee
  6. Five year warranty on parts and workmanship
  7. Delivery is usually 3-4 weeks from the placing of the order but non-standard colours may take longer

Below you can see more examples or the doors we’ve fitted for our clients prior to their inside garage makeover.

photo 1 Garage Doors by Garageflex


Garageflex Garage Doors Hertfordshire

Garageflex Garage Doors Buckinghamshire

 Click on any of the links below to find more information about Garageflex or give us a call for a quote:



Mr J, Lancashire, October 2015

“With assistance from David here in the north, my new flooring has been installed this week. It looks superb and is perfect for our requirement.  The installation team were also first class, and amusing with it, they also put me in the picture regarding other products to complete the garage.   Sincere thanks for all your efforts.”

Garageflex featured in Homify UK’s article: Your handy guide to garage harmony

When Homify contacted us a few weeks ago to say they had featured us in one of their recent articles we were delighted.  The title was “Your handy guide to garage harmony” and looked at the different ways the whole family use the garage from storing the car, using it as a work space, hoarding belongings etc.

Homify article

The point where they talked about Garageflex was around storing bikes.  We have long said that storing bikes is difficult, they are such wonderful but bulky items that unless you have a huge garage then you’ll soon be tripping up them and if you have more than a couple…  Well in that case you need some clever storage ideas.

Homify UK said “The ideal solution, especially for cycling fanatics, hanging racks allow you to use the height of your garage to its full advantage, while allowing the bicycles themselves to be securely and safely stowed out of harm’s way. By allowing bikes to take up less floorspace you are free to make good use of the area for other typical garage tasks, such as pesky oil changes, so hang them up before you get down to work!”

We couldn’t agree more and have many options to help you store your bikes including bike racks, hoists and ceiling hangers starting at just £53 including P&P.  There’s also a Complete Bike Rack Kit which helps you store a couple of bikes plus all those accessories too and costs just £235 – a Christmas gift to yourself perhaps?

Marc Harris.JPG prod8 prod5

Click here to see the full Homify UK article.


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