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Tile Time! Get your 20% discount on our floor tile installation service

We are delighted to announce that for a limited time only we are offering our customers a 20% discount on our floor tile installation service.  

For all floor tile installations confirmed by Friday 6th November and laid during the week of 9-13 November we will give you a 20% discount on your order.  As with all great offers there are a few terms and conditions to note:

– Only valid for floor tile installations and not as part of a wider garage makeover or for supply only

– Depending on your location a fuel surcharge may need to be added

– It can not be used in conjunction with any other offer

Just contact us now to see how much you could save and quote “Tile20” in your correspondence.  You can call us on 01491 636080 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk to find out more and book your space.


Our floor tiles are manufactured in the UK from recycled PVC and are installed via an interlocking system without the need for glue.  They provide a smart, low maintenance and extremely tough finish for your garage floor.  The tiles measure 500 x 500mm and have a thickness of 7mm when laid.

Benefits of a garageflex tiled floor1Updated Sept 2014 - Copy

Did you know Garageflex were profiled in the May 2013 edition of TopGear Magazine? Click here to find out more.


To see more about our flooring solutions, click here.


Buy our products online from our e-store for DIY at home

Garageflex Master Logo

Our online store was launched back in 2012 to allow current and new customers to buy our products to install themselves at home. Included here are all of our Polypropylene Wall Cabinet range as well as FlexiPanel and FlexiTrack. This offers a great alternative if you would prefer to undertake the work yourself and reduce costs.

Click Here To Visit Our Store

Have a Complete Garage Makeover

This means installing panelling on all three walls in your garage, laying a floor and adding in a good range of storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and hooks. Having a Complete Garage Makeover involves panelling all three walls of the garage, laying a floor and installing storage accessories such as cabinets, shelves and racks.

We recommend that this option is installed by our professional fitting team who will transform your garage in 3-4 days.

To find out more about our Complete Garage Makeover, CLICK HERE.

Install FlexiTrack on your wall

FlexiTrack - storage solutions for the garage

These are small strips of FlexiPanel, each measuring 246cm in width and 15cm in height.  Each length can be cut to fit the space you have available. So if you only have a small part of your garage for storage, then these strips are very useful and can hold the majority of our storage accessories.

We can either install them for you as part of our Design & Install service, or you can buy them online to install yourself at home.

Click here to find out more about our FlexiTrack.

Install FlexiPanel on one or more of your Garage Walls

FlexiPanel wall storage solutions for your garage

FlexiPanel is our pure white wall panelling which covers the entire wall from floor to ceiling and from which all of our storage accessories can be installed upon. Having FlexiPanel fixed to your walls gives you the maximum amount of flexibility as it provides a vast canvas to move your accessories around on and create a garage that works for you. You can install just one wall, two walls or go for all three.

We can either install FlexiPanel for you as part of our Design & Install service, or you can buy them online to install yourself at home.

To find out more about our FlexiPanel, click here.

Brackets & Hooks

Brackets and Hooks - storage accessories by GarageflexAs with all Garageflex products, our selection of brackets and hooks makes for a more efficient and easily accessible garage.  We have a range of solutions to store items such as gardening equipment, coats, ladders and even small clips to store keys.  All of the products clip onto our FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack which is fitted to the garage wall and can be moved around as and when you choose.

Click here to go back to our Wall Solutions page.

What next?

Now that you have seen our product range, you may wonder what the next steps are. We have four different ways for you to install our brackets and hooks in your garage, these are:

• Install FlexiTrack on your wall
• Install FlexiPanel on one of your garage walls
• Have a Complete Garage Makeover
• Buy our products online from our e-store for DIY at home

More information on each of these options below:




Metres, pipework and cables making a mess of your garage? The answer is here.

We are often asked how we can tidy a customers garage and get hide all of the ugly cabling, pipework and utility metres.  Our answer is to say no problem, we can easily hide all of those things away by creating a cupboard whilst we are panelling the garage walls that makes the contents easily accessible yet gives you a beautiful wall.

Along with this we also offer the wall, ceiling and flooring solutions to get everything off the floor with everything in its place.

Creating the Ultimate Motorbike Workshop



So you want to set up your garage as a Motorcycle Workshop – then this blog is for you!

Most garages house the car, washing machine and more besides but with a little planning, some decluttering and a bit of creativity, you can have the kind of motorbike workshop dream of.  Here’s our top tips on how to make it a reality.

A good floor
Before anything else you need to ensure that the floor is sound and solid. Your floor may have some cracks and a few are ok but if they are large or the floor is badly pitted then you should really get it resurfaced.  Options such as floor tiles or a resin floors are both practical and give a smart, hardwearing finish.  In addition to creating a smooth surface, our floor tiles also reduce the build up of dust and help to insulate against the cold and damp making them a brilliant choice.

Think about the space you have
How many bikes do you have?  Plan your space accordingly ensuring you have the right amount of space to work on them, clean them, etc. and make sure you have storage space for everything else in your garage too.

Let there be light
Light is a necessity if you are going to be working on your bike.  Overhead fluorescent lights are a useful and cost effective choice – they might not be the most stylish choice but they will be helpful. There are also options such as drop lamps on extension cords for when you need a little extra light for tricky projects. Get an electrician to help you install everything if required to keep it as safe as possible.

Providing heating
With the days drawing in and winter coming you need to think about how you will heat your garage. Central heating connected heaters are a good choice as they are efficient and safe.

Keeping the garage ventilated
Plenty of oil, fumes, petrol, solvents and other nasty stuff may be in your garage so provide adequate ventilation in your garage. You can open doors but also think about a box fan to provide extra options on cold days.

Strong Bench
A strong bench is a necessity which is strong enough to store your bike and is a good size.  You may also want to think about tie-down hooks to keep your bike safe whilst you are working on it.  Vices can also come in handy to make life easier and of course safer.

General storage
With plenty to store in your garage think about getting hooks, racks and shelves that can cater to your needs.  Getting a bespoke storage system is a good idea here to maximise the amount of space you have.  Consider something like Garageflex’s FlexiTrack which are strips of white panel that are fixed to the garage walls and can be used for storing bikes, shelves and other storage options.

Consider a pegboard
For those items you use all the time perhaps get a Pegboard that can store these.

Cleaning Tank
Is this a luxury?  We think not as its so useful and much better than taking the bits inside.  There are plenty of options here, some with striking colours so worth thinking about in your garage refit.

Keep a stash of gloves
When working on your bike you’ll probably need plenty of gloves to keep you free of grease, oil etc. so think about where you could keep them that is easily accessible.

Bin it!
Although it could be a pain to empty, get a bin that is fire-resistant with a lid that fits snuggly.

Keep yourself entertained while you tinker by adding some speakers or radio to your workshop.

Other bits
A nice comfy chair and perhaps a fridge could be in order so that you can enjoy your bike with a nice cold beer!

Garageflex offers custom designed and installed garage ranges including storage, flooring, worktops and accessories that can help create a bespoke usable space for any home. For more information please visit oldwp.garageflex.co.uk

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