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Classic Cars: a sound investment opportunity?

With the Classic Car Barn Find fuelling interest and the arrival of both The London Classic Car Show event and The Classic Car Show TV programme on Channel 5, is now the right time to become a collector?

Classic car barn find

Popularity of the new show and programme seem to indicate that yes, now is a perfect time to think about starting or adding to your collection.  In addition, we found a great article with investment tips for 2015 featuring Fading Gems and Rising Stars which is well worth a read.

Of course a classic car needs the appropriate environment to keep it in perfect condition and from doing a little research we found many different ideas on the best way to store a classic car.  These include common sense things like washing and drying the car thoroughly, keeping air circulating and starting it regularly and the Daily Telegraph seems to have a great little tip list which can be found here for more information.

However, one point that intrigued us at Garageflex was around the perfect way of storing it in a garage.  It seems that warmth and ventilation are key ingredients as is ensuring the garage is adequately insulated.  Perhaps then it should be considered as to what Garageflex can do for you.  Our wall and ceiling panelling not only offers up the opportunity to store items such as cabinets, shelves and hooks but it gives the added benefit of insulating the area to a degree by preventing drafts from coming through.  Want to know more, click here.

And of course you don’t want anything falling on the car, scratching the paintwork or spilling over it and that’s where our storage solutions could help by ensuring that everything is put away, reducing the risks.

So some food for thought for anyone wanting to find out more about Classic Cars and good luck on your search!

Mrs R, Maidenhead, Feb 2015

“I can’t believe how my garage has been transformed!  I am very pleased with the result.”

I am very happy with my garage transformation.  It now feels comfortable, organised and Garageflex have given me a whole new room.  Everyone I have dealt with has been nice, professional and I highly recommend Garageflex.”

Mrs J, Kent, November 2014

We are delighted with the garage and will no doubt do several more reorganisations before we have it exactly the way we want it – but that is half the fun.  Your fitters were nice and professional.  An excellent service all round.

Mr and Mrs C, Cheshire, November 2014

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Roller Shutter Doors – now available from Garageflex

Garage doors have long been something our clients have asked us about as part of the complete garage makeover.  So you may be pleased to know that we are now able to supply and install fantastic Roller Shutter doors along with the traditional Garageflex services.

The doors we supply are of extremely high quality, are insulated and sealed with they are installed so that no drafts or leaves can get in.  Take a look at our recent Marlow case study to see more photos.

IMG_1915 - Copy

As part of this garage makeover, we were also able to supply the customer with some building works that included knocking a doorway through between two garages, installing a lintel and plastering walls.  All along with our bread and butter of panelling the walls and adding in our range of accessories.

So if you want to know more or get a quote to update your own doors, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to give you a quote.  All we need are the dimensions of the doors and whether you would prefer a natural or wood effect colour.

Garageflex moves into Roller Shutter Doors and Building Works!

We were intially called in to replace some garage doors for a client in Marlow, Buckinghamshire who had just moved into the property.   You can see from the first three images how old and tired the current doors were.  However, once we showed our range of garage storage, the client decided he was also interested in a Resin Floor and wanted to link the two garages he had together without the need for going outside.

This was a step further than previous garage makeovers we have undertaken but it was an exciting opportunity to show what our fitters are capable of.  On commencing the job, we knocked a doorway through into each garage and put in a lintel to support the area.  One of the garage walls was in a bad way so we plastered the wall to be more aesthetically pleasing.

In the first garage we put in FlexiPanel on the garage walls and introduced a good range of storage units.  In the other garage, we applied FlexiTrack to the walls to store the customers sporting items including 6 bikes, tennis racks and golf clubs.

The garage doors were replaced from old wooden doors to brand new wood effect roller shutter doors which looked fantastic.  The doors are of a very high quality, are insulated and sealed on installation so that no drafts or leaves can get in to the garage.  The doors we now supply can be of a natural colour or a wood effect.  And another great advantage of this type of door is that does not take up valuable wall or ceiling space for the mechanics meaning you have more storage space to play with.  To find out more about our Garage Door service, please click here.

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