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Garageflex to exhibit at The Henley House & Garden Show 28 Feb – 1 Mar 15

Henley Show Flyer Image

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at The Henley House & Garden Show taking place at the end of February 2015.

This is the first Henley House & Garden Show taking place on Saturday 28th February (10am-6pm) and Sunday 1st March (11am-4pm).  If you love your home and garden, are looking for professional advice or just want a day of inspiration then you should think about coming along to The Henley Town Hall to see what’s on.

What’s going on?

There will be over 50 exhibitors of high-end interior and garden products that you can chat with and ask for professional advice as well as architects and property specialists.  There is also a fantastic speaker line-up as well taking place on both days as well as creative workshops and cooking demonstrations.  The highlight will be the ‘Home Decor Fashion Show’ on Saturday afternoon.

To find out more or to register your space, click here.  Best of all it is free to attend.


New Year. New You: The secret to achieving your fitness goals could be right on your doorstep

If you ate and drank too much over Christmas and have pledged to get fit for 2015, there’s no need to rush into signing an expensive gym contract – the secret to achieving your fitness goals could be right on your doorstep.

272 copyMy renovation magazine

A study published in January 2014 revealed that Britons spend £37m a year on wasted gym memberships and slimming classes they never attend. There are several reasons people lose motivation including lack of time or feeling intimidated by the thought of walking into a room full of ’gym-bunnies’, especially if they don’t feel particularly fit themselves.

Setting up a home gym doesn’t need to break the bank but it does have to be well-planned to ensure you make the most of it. The first step is to find an area of your home where you can exercise in peace – it can be difficult to enjoy a workout and remain motivated when you’re surrounded by screaming kids or overflowing laundry hampers that need to be dealt with so you’ll need a dedicated room where you can exercise without interruption.

For most people, the ideal area is their garage and turning it into your own personal gym is easier than you think as long as you de-clutter the current space, organise the items that need to stay in there and make sure you have efficient storage systems for other items you need to store so you have sufficient space for your equipment.

Read more at My Renovation Magazine where Alastair Broom is their guest columnist.

Garageflex enjoy the wonders of The London Classic Car Show

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Last weekend (8-11 January 2015) we were delighted to attend and exhibit at The London Classic Car Show which was a huge success. It was a pleasure to be involved in such a genuinely fun and interesting event and the atmosphere over the whole weekend was friendly and we can’t wait for 2016.

In the meantime, why not pop over to our Facebook page to see more photos of this fantastic event.


The organising team said “Our first London Classic Car Show has exceeded our wildest dreams.  The feedback from visitors and exhibitors has been universally positive.”

Summary from The London Classic Car Show website

Packed full of innovative features, highlights included a special display focusing on the career of legendary Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey. There were also displays of iconic cars from Le Mans and the Motor Sport Hall of Fame, while Top Gear’s James May chose his list of cars that changed the world. James Martin provided the show with another unique dimension, offering show goers a well-deserved pit-stop at the James Martin Classic Café.

The show’s defining feature was The Grand Avenue. Running the entire length of the hall, The Grand Avenue brought the show to life as dozens of classics from pioneering veterans to sixties supercars were put through their paces during the show.

No fewer than 25,200 visitors attended the show and dealers reported countless genuine enquiries and some serious purchases too.

The 2016 show has already been scheduled for 18-21 February 2016 so put the date in your diary and we hope to see you there! To sign up for their newsletter, click here.


If you’re looking for flexible ceiling storage in your garage then our PowerTrack is a must.  It is a 2430mm length of channel that fits to the ceiling and holds our hooks, hoists and storage racks in place.  But as none of the connectors have permanent fasteners, the twist connector makes it easy to move the storage item to another part of the PowerTrack channel if you decide. Simple.

What next?

If you think that PowerTrack could be a great addition to your garage ceiling, your next step is to think about how you can install this in your own garage.


Ceiling Ladder Storage Kit

If you are having trouble storing your ladders then our Storage Kit is for you.  The package contains 4 of our D Hanger Hooks as well as 2 of our 610mm lengths of PowerTrack for attaching it to the garage ceiling.  Each hook has a flat holding surface and connects to the PowerTrack without the need for a permanent adhesive.  And with each hook able to hold 18kg, you can be sure your ladders will be held in place securely.Dimensions: Each hook is 178mm (W), 254mm (H), 13mm (D).

What next?

If you think that our Ladder Storage Kit could be a great addition to your garage ceiling, your next step is to think about how you can install this in your own garage.


Want to turn your garage into a home gym? Here’s some inspiration…

We recently completed this great garage makeover in Weybridge where we helped the owner turn her garage into a sleek home for her car as well as plenty of storage and a home gym.

Complete Garage Makeover

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Complete Garage Makeover

With our Design & Install Service we work with you to create a garage that suits your lifestyle.  You can install as little or as much as you wish but most of our customers opt for a Complete Garage Makeover.  This means we fit the garage walls with our FlexiPanel, install a good range of accessories such as cabinets and shelves, a floor and perhaps a ceiling. Other services such as Garage Doors installation can also be included. It really depends on what you want to do, your budget and the space you have available. 

How to get a quote for your garage complete makeover garageflex

What happens when a Design Consultant visits you in your home?

Once you’ve spoken to us to discuss your requirements, it might be that you want us to visit you for a free, no obligation survey of your garage.  Click here to find out more about what happens during the appointment process.

Wall Storage Solutions

The main component of transforming your garage is our Wall Storage solution. Your most important decision will be how much you want to store. This will determine which of our wall cladding systems is most appropriate for your needs.

There are two options available, FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack. An outline of these two systems, with additional information links is shown below.


FlexiPanel wall storage solutions for your garageOur white FlexiPanel covers the entire length of the wall from ceiling to floor.  It provides a glossy, easy to clean surface that reflects the light and makes the area look bright and spacious.

FlexiPanel gives you maximum flexibility as all of our storage accessories including Cabinets, Shelves and Bike Racks can be moved around as and when you want to, simply by slotting into the panel.  To find out more about FlexiPanel including technical specifications, click here to go to our Wall Solutions page.


  • Covers the entire wall to minimise drafts from gaps
  • Creates a bright wall covering which reflects light
  • Provides the ultimate flexibility in being able to move all storage options around to suit your needs
  • Makes it harder for bugs to get in through any nooks and crannies
  • Obstacles such as boilers, pipes and metres can be boxed in or cupboards created for easy access
  • There are 80+ storage options including Cabinets, Shelves, Baskets, Racks and Bins which fit on to our FlexiPanel



FlexiTrack - storage solutions for the garageFlexiTrack are small singular strips of our FlexiPanel that can be fixed to your garage wall.  FlexiTrack can accommodate the majority of our storage accessories including baskets, cabinets, racks and shelves.

Unlike FlexiPanel, these strips don’t cover the entire wall but rather a small section.  This is a great option if you have a small space to use or have a nicely painted wall but still require storage.

To find out more about FlexiTrack including technical specifications, click here to go to our Wall Solutions page.


  • Ideal if you do not want to cover the entire wall but still want useful storage
  • The majority of Garageflex accessories can be used on FlexiTrack
  • Can be easily cut to fit your available space


Ceiling Storage Solutions

Ceiling Storage for storing items in your garageThe next element of your garage design is to decide if you want to clad your ceiling with a similar panel as the walls to create a bright, white garage. We have lots of storage accessories to make the most of this underused space including Storage Racks for boxes, hoists for bikes and canoes, and a range of hooks for ladders, timber and pipework.

If you decide to use the ceiling for storage, then we will clad it with a similar panel as the walls, to create a bright, spacious and white garage. Whatever you want to store on your ceiling, we can help.

All of these storage elements can be used on a stand-alone basis.  But to make it even more flexible, try installing our PowerTrack. This is a ceiling channel that allows hooks and hangers to be fixed to the ceiling and moved around without the need for further adhesive, screws or nails.  Click here to find out more about our Ceiling Storage options.


  • Ceiling space is utilised providing much needed storage space
  • Cladding the ceiling reflects the light giving a fantastic overall effect with plenty of light
  • There are over 10 storage products available to store all manner of items from Christmas Trees to kayaks and from timber to paint
  • The majority of our Ceiling Storage can be installed by yourself at home but can also be installed as part of the Design and Install service


Garage Flooring

What about the floor in the Garage Makeover? It often gets overlooked, but making sure your floor is properly finished can transform the look of the space and is the final piece of the jigsaw.  We offer two types of flooring to complete your garage makeover, these being Interlocking Floor Tiles or a Resin Floor.  Both offer a strong, durable but stylish finish as well as number of other benefits and both come in a variety of colours.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles to update your garage floor with style

We are proud to offer a range of Garage Floor Tiles made from PVC in the UK.  They provide an extremely tough finish, yet are smart and low maintenance.  Each tile measures 500x500mm with a thickness of just 7mm and fits together using an interlocking system, without the need for glue, nails or screws.

Click here to find out more about our Flooring range.


  • Our Floor Tiles provide a smart, low maintenance and extremely tough garage floor finish
  • They can help to insulate the garage and even reduce dust
  • Provide a good anti-slip surface which is easy to clean
  • Offered in a variety of colour and finishes including smooth, raised disk and decorative flake
  • We can install them for you as part of your overall garage makeover or as a stand-alone project
  • Floor Tiles can even be purchased in our online store to fit at home yourself


Resin Floors

Seamless Resin Floor Residential Garage Garageflex

Our Resin Floors provide a beautifully seamless finish for your garage floor. Using a commercial-grade Methacrylate (MMA) coating, our resin floors provide the highest quality finish you can buy* and comes with a ten year warranty to give you peace of mind that your floor will last.

We do not recommend laying Epoxy Resin or Paints as we do not believe this is the best solution for a garage floor. Our experience shows us they flake and peel very quickly.

Click here to find out more about our Flooring range.


  • We can lay a Resin Floor in a single day as long as the size of the garage is below 55 square metres, otherwise it is a two day process
  • Floors can be walked on within one hour of the final coat being laid which is a real bonus for those with busy lives
  • A seamless, hygienic finish is revealed which won’t yellow or fade
  • The floor remains easy to clean and maintain

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