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US style garage makeover

Happy Christmas to all our customers from Garageflex

We would like to wish all our customers and friends a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015.  Please see our animated Christmas Card where Stickman ski’s, abseils and rides a reindeer to wish you Happy Christmas!


We would also like to let you know about our Opening Hours over the festive period, the office will be closed from Midday on Tuesday 23rd December and re-open on Monday 5th January 2015.  We wish you a Happy New Year!

Christmas Opening Hours

Mr and Mrs M, Somerset, December 2014

“I wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the garage. Your chaps were very hardworking and professional. It is such a pleasure (and indeed a novelty, here) to have a team arrive, exactly when they say they will, and do exactly what one hopes within the anticipated timeframe. Everything is extremely well finished.

We feel completely different now we have a perfect garage – everything in its place and no messy corners! Brilliant!”

Lee Latchford-Evans talks about his garage makeover with Garageflex

What Will You Do With Your Extra Ten Minutes A Day?

A recent Daily Mail article reported a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days is spent searching for items in our homes and garages, over our lifetimes. That’s ten minutes every day! Here at Garageflex, we are passionate about transforming your garage, providing more storage and giving you back some of that lost time…

We all have a lot of ‘stuff’ that needs somewhere to live. But clutter and lack of organisation can waste precious time if you have to search through unrelated items to find the thing you want. Surely it’s better to group your items together, either by size or activity, and thus get you back some of that wasted time.

With a Garageflex makeover, your garage will not only be a clean and safe place to store your items, storage space is maximised and those paint pots or gardening tools are all in the right place, ready for when you next need them…

We thought a couple of points to make your de-cluttering even easier to manage may well come in useful:
1. Go through each room (or your garage) and get rid of unused or unwanted items. This makes it much easier to then organise the things you want to keep. Then if you can, donate it to your local charity.

2. Look at your wardrobe, a general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn an item in a year, then you won’t.

3. If you are unsure about some items, put them in a box that can easily be stored and mark the date on top. Make a reminder to come back to it in a year and if you haven’t used the items since that date, you can get rid of it.

4. Try not to hoard! We all have emotional attachments but do you really need three old bikes and the broken iPod?

5. With the items you do want to keep, think about where they should live and put them with similar things.

6. Speak to Garageflex about how we can maximise the storage in your garage, giving you back your ten minutes per day to do something fun.

Email us at, visit us online at or call us on 01491 636080.

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