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Case Study – Tonbridge

We have just added a great new case study profiling a recent garage makeover in Tonbridge.  Our customer wanted to transform his garage to make the most of the space available, as well as hiding an unsightly boiler area.  Our solution was to build a stud wall to hid the boiler whilst allowing the wall to be used for storage purposes.

Our customer now has a fantastic looking garage with all the storage he needs, a fantastic floor and everything is clean and tidy.  For more images click here.

033 - Copy             034 - Copy

Case Study – Tonbridge

A recent customer in Tonbridge wanted us to transform the garage as well as hiding some unsightly boilers.  Our solution was to build a stud wall to hide the boiler and utilise this as a storage area, allowing our customer to hang tools and ladders to the wall and thus create a new storage space.

You will also note the ceiling was used for storing a long ladder which helps to keep clutter to a minimum.

We think you’ll agree, it is now looking fantastic.

Our Garageflex E-Brochure Is Now Available

We are really excited that our new e-brochure is now available.  If you are interested in seeing more then click here to fill in our online form and we’ll send you a copy.


Once you have read through our brochure, you may decide that you would like us to come and see you to give you a free, no obligation quote for your garage.  To arrange an appointment, just call us on 01491 636080 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

We design it.  We install it.  You enjoy it.

Free P&P on All Products Purchased Via Our E-STORE

We are delighted to announce that our e-store now carries no postage and packaging costs so the price you see is the price you pay.  Why not visit our e-store now to see what you could purchase for your garage?

Perhaps our Horizontal Bike Rack with FlexiTrack could be the answer to your bike storage worries.  This is a fantastic package that gives you the bike rack and some trak to install directly to your garage wall.  Only £112.70.

GT2005E HorizontalBikeRackMain - Copy

Or looking to maximise your ceiling space?  How about our Overhead Storage Unit which connects to the ceiling and can be used to get lots of stuff off the ground and out of the way.  Only £173.

GT7004E Overhead Storage Rack

For more ideas visit our online e-store.

Our Floor Tiles Are Now Available To Buy Online

We are really excited to announce that our floor tiles can now be purchased online via our e-store.  Our tiles come in a variety of colours with ramps also available to purchase.  Each tile costs just £8.85 and works out to approximately £29.50 per square metre.  This cost includes VAT and free shipping.

Here are just some of the benefits of a Garageflex Tiled floor.

Benefits of a garagetek tiled floor

To find out more about our tiled flooring please click here.  And don’t forget they were also profiled in May’s edition of TopGear magazine!

How Updating Your Garage Can Really Add Value to Your Home

With many of us looking to add value to our home prior to selling, have you considered how much floor space your garage actually takes up and how making this a usable and welcoming space can add value to your home?

Garageflex looked at the parts in your garage that you should prioritise if you want your money to be spent wisely.  Not only can they add value they make you happier to spend time in your garage too.

a man's castle...

1. Garage Door

How old is your garage door?  Many older doors close slowly, block the driveway or squeak.  These things should be taken care of in your makeover.

Check if your door’s hinges have been properly oiled, this might be the cause why it closes slowly. You would also know this through the sound that it makes. If you think your door has an inappropriate design for your driveway, why not change it?

2. Storage Units

Cole After

To make sure your garage is a safe place to store your tools and other important machinery, invest on storage units. Old wooden cabinets are not enough to keep your valuables safe.

If you get the right storage units, your garage would also look more organised, having your items in their right places and making them easy to access at any time.  For storage ideas, click here.

3. Flooring

Interlocking floor tiles 001 - Copy

Have you included upgrading your garage flooring in the budget? If not, be sure to save some for it. Most homeowners settle for paint which can soon flake and look unslightly.  Tiles or resin floors are a good solution as they are hardwearing and create a stylish finish.  To see some examples of how good this can look, click here.

4. Lighting

How do you feel entering a garage with few or gloomy lights? Feels awful right? Your garage should have bright lights because this is where you do the most delicate projects such as cleaning your vehicle’s engine. If one screw rolls off, would your lighting help you in finding this small part in a big room?

If you are going to sell your property, your potential buyer would be pleased to see a well-lighted garage.

These are just a few of the small things you can change to increase the value that your garage provides to your home.  For a complete garage transformation, visit Garageflex’s case studies page to see how good other people’s garages look as a result of their Garageflex makeover.

Why Under-Inflated Tyres Could Be Raising Your Chance of an Accident

Did you know that approximately 6% of all fatal motorway accidents are caused by under-inflated tyres?  Research carried out by Michelin found that as well as increasing the chance of an accident, incorrect tyre pressure could also be costing you money and increasing the amount of CO2 emissions being pumped into the atmosphere.

tyre pressure1


As part of our safety campaign, Garageflex recommends you check your tyres at least once a month and before embarking on a long journey. 

Need any more persuading?

·         Driving on under-inflated tyres can quickly deteriorate their condition

·         Your steering is less precise

·         Braking distances are increased

·         You use 6% more fuel

·         Less Co2 emissions are released from tyres with the correct tyre pressure

How to check your tyre pressure

  1. Make sure tyres are cold to get an accurate reading.  
  2. Have a tyre pressure gauge handy, inexpensive ones can be found at Halfords.
  3. Find the tyre pressure requirement for your car by looking in your owner’s manual.
  4. Locate and unscrew the valve cap from the tyre.
  5. Once you’ve unscrewed the cap, press the tyre gauge onto the valve stem and hold it down firmly for a second or two.
  6. If you hear a hissing sound, you are letting air out and you need to press down a little harder.  Make a note of the given reading.
  7. Do this with all four tyres and compare the tire pressure reading with the specified amount for your car.  If your air pressure is lower than the recommended amount, you need to bring it up.

How to inflate your tyres

  1. You can either inflate your tyre at home with a footpump or digital inflator, or visit your local garage.
  2. Make sure the hose reaches your tyre and turn the compressor on.
  3. Remove the stem cap from the tyre and set it aside in a safe place where it can be easily found and not roll away.
  4. Press the air hose fitting onto the valve stem, keep a firm grip, and press the lever to begin the air flow. You should feel the air moving through the hose.
  5. To check if you have reached your desired air pressure, release the lever and check the hose fitting. This will show you approximately how much you have. You can also check with your own gauge to be sure.
  6. If you have over-inflated the tyre, press the gauge down enough to hear a hissing sound to let the air out. Or press down on the small needle in the center of the valve with a fingernail or pen.
  7. Once your tyre reaches the correct air pressure, replace the valve stem cap and repeat with the remaining

Are Architects, Developers And Those Building Their Dream Homes Missing A Vital Trick With The Size Of The Garage?

Garages were designed to house cars.  But in recent years, cars have grown in size and owners have accumulated more goods which need to be stored somewhere.  So over the years the expensive car has been left on the road or drive and all the household items have been kept in the garage.

With the current trend of buying a house, knocking it down and building the “dream house” happening all over the UK, are architects and developers really thinking about the design and build of the garage?  Alastair Broom of Garageflex sees home owners on a daily basis and hears the same pleas:  “Some of the best developers in the country totally ignore the garage:  they treat it as an afterthought by putting on three small single garage doors and, in many cases, I have met homeowners who cannot get their car into the garage at all.  Why don’t they put in garage doors wide enough for today’s car?”.

garage design

Another problem comes with the design when all the heating, ventilation, plumbing and home media systems are placed on the walls, thereby taking away valuable storage space.  So when owners need to keep such items as golf clubs, bicycles, ladders, tools and household items somewhere, there is reduced space available. 

Broom’s answer is clear:  “There is usually plenty of space in a good design for a power room where everything can be placed in an orderly and tidy scheme.  This would release something like 25 square metres of wall space for all the families storage needs”.

And his final point is about the state of the floor.  Usually this is left as a poor concrete finish, sometimes it has a coat of paint that will flake off within a few weeks and only sometimes is a good ceramic tiled floor laid. There are many options available including a top of the range resin floor through to a very popular inter-locking tiled floor, both available in a variety of colours.

To Alastair Broom the answers are simple:

  • Put in a door or doors wide enough for today’s larger cars
  • Create a power room where all the utility items can be placed
  • Leave the walls free for storage
  • Lay a good quality floor

Garageflex design and install bespoke storage and organisation systems in garages in private homes throughout the UK.  They have solutions for wall storage, floor coverings, ceiling systems and a large range of activity racks, all of which go on the wall.

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