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Garage Organisation with Garageflex


Garage organisation

Garages are great spaces for storing all those things you
don’t need every day – sports equipment, tools, the lawnmower, bicycles, all
those nails and screws and nuts and bolts that you seem to acquire. The trouble
is most people don’t give much thought to garage organisation. They just stack
things up without considering how they’re going to find anything when they need
it. And when they do need that spade/ski pole/spanner it’s frustrating having
to sort through everything – and they wonder why they bothered storing anything
in the first place.

When it comes to garage organisation the phrase “A place for
everything and everything in its place” is never truer. You’ve probably seen
those efficient people who have all their screws and nails sorted into jars
according to size, or boards marked with outlines of tools so they know
everything is there. Practising good garage organisation makes a lot of sense
and you’ll save yourself time and stress when you can find things quickly.

There are many different systems and gadgets available to
help you with your garage organisation. For example, cabinets come in a range
of sizes and help you store things away neatly. If you set aside a cabinet for
garden tools and another for sports equipment you’ll instantly know where to
look for the strimmer or golf clubs.

At GarageTek we have a unique wall panel system, TekPanel,
which gives you complete flexibility over your garage organisation. Once you
install TekPanels you can add racking, baskets, hooks and shelves wherever you
need them. We even have a range of ball holders so you can put the kids’
footballs and basketballs in a handy place!

So how do you start organising your garage? Our
first tip would be to have a major de-clutter. It’s pointless storing things
that you really aren’t ever going to use. Go through everything in your garage
and throw away, give away or sell anything that you don’t want or need, or
anything broken that you’ve been meaning to fix for years … if you haven’t
done it yet, you never will! As you clear out the clutter, sort everything into
categories – household, garden, sports etc. The categories you choose will
depend on what you use your garage for. Once you have sorted everything out
you’ll be able to work out what you need to keep your garage tidy. For
inspiration have a look at the garage organisation products available from
GarageTek – you’ll probably be surprised by some of the solutions we can offer!

Garage Storage Ideas

Garage storage ideas
What’s in your garage? For most of us the answer won’t be “a car”. In a time when we all have so much “stuff” garage storage has become a necessity as we run the risk of being taken over by our possessions! But are you still feeling stressed by all the clutter in your house? If you want to free up more of your living space, here are some of the best garage storage ideas we’ve heard from our customers.
Sports equipment
If your family are sporty types the chances are your home is full of tennis rackets, footballs, golf clubs and bikes. Garage storage is the perfect solution for keeping the hallway clutter-free whilst still keeping your equipment accessible. You can even hang bicycles from hooks in the ceiling, to save space!
Summer/winter clothing
Most of us have two sets of clothes –one for summer and the other for winter. Although you can never rely on the weather, most of the year we don’t need to have both sets of clothes close to hand, so why not bag up the outfits you’re not wearing and store them in your garage? Mind you, the risk is that you might be tempted to fill up all that free space in your wardrobe with new clothes!
CDs and DVDs
Has your lounge been taken over by bookcases full of CDs and DVDs? A good solution is to buy a large hard drive or network drive, connect it to your computer and store all your music and films digitally. File the discs and booklets in folders and use some garage space to store them – they won’t take up a lot of room.
It’s always worth keeping bills, accounts, tax returns and other important paperwork for up to six years, just in case – but they take up a lot of room, so they’re ideal candidates for garage storage.
You’ve probably already stored your toolbox in the garage, but it’s worth considering whether your garden tools would be better kept in garage storage than in a shed – it’s more secure, more weather-proof and ideal for equipment you don’t use every day.
If you have young children you’ll know how quickly their toys take over the house! They end up with so many they don’t know what to play with next – so wait till they’re asleep and store some of them in the garage. You can rotate the toys in the house and they will have lots of fun rediscovering old favourites. Just make sure their special teddy doesn’t go into garage storage!
But hang on a minute, I hear you say. How am I supposed to store all that in my garage? It just isn’t big enough!
The answer is to choose the right kind of storage options to maximise the space. Have a look at our range of shelving, cabinets, baskets, brackets and racks and you’ll see how easy it is to make the most of your garage storage space.

Great reviews from customers on their Garageflex Transformation

We are always delighted to hear that our customers love their Garageflex transformation but when they tell us that “Every penny we’ve spent on it has been well worth it”, well we are just over the moon.

View this short film clip to find out why this Henley on Thames couple love their Garageflex transformation and why they gave us such a great review.


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