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Garageflex appear on BBC Working Lunch in 2009

This short film clip shows Garageflex on BBC’s Working lunch in February 2009.

We’ve had kitchen makeovers, bathroom makeovers and now there’s the garage makeover. It’s an American idea that’s catching on in the UK.

This customer says his garage was previously messy and cold with a cement floor. Because cars are his hobby he wanted a nice environment in which to enjoy it and feels that Garageflex has given him a complete garage transformation. It’s gone from a dark, cold damp garage to something that he can use every day and even have an office in there if he wanted to.

Alastair Broom from near Marlow in Buckinghamshire has bought the UK rights for Garageflex and is beginning to build up a thriving business. A double garage refit like the one in the video costs around £7,500.00 in February 2009.

During the tougher times of recession Garageflex aim to cover a wider spectrum and now offer appeal to people who may want to do just one wall rather than a full garage. They are also offering a DIY system which can bring the price down.

Garageflex are now branching out around the country and taking smaller orders. Enquiries are coming from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Garage Floor Tiles

Garageflex Floor Tile Examples and TopGear mention

Our floor tiles are manufactured in the UK from recycled PVC and are installed via an interlocking system.  They provide a smart, low maintenance and extremely tough garage floor finish. 

Each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of 7mm.   Garageflex floor tiles will considerably reduce dust, create a better work surface and help to insulate the garage from the cold and damp.

We offer the choice of installing them for you or you can buy online in our e-store to do it yourself, at a cost of £8.85 per tile.  They are very straightforward for a competent DIY person, the only thing to bear in mind is cutting around the edges to make them as neat as possible.

Key benefits of a Garageflex tiled floor

Garageflex Floor Tile Colours available including raised disk, smooth tiles and decorative finishes


If you are more interested in resin floors, find out all about them here.


Resin Floors

resin floor colours.jpg

Recent advances in garage floor coating technology allow Garageflex to bring commercial-grade garage floor coatings to the residential market.  Our resin floors provide the highest quality finish you can buy and uses methacrylate resin which is the hardest wearing of all. 

This is laid as a four part process on top of an existing concrete floor, the four stages include preperation, a primer coat, the coating itself laid to a depth of 4mm and finally a sealant to give protection.  To get more of an idea on how it is laid, click here.

Our resin floors must be installed by a trained person so please call us on 01491 636080 or email us to find out more


If you want to know about floor tiles instead, click here.

Our resin floors are available in the following colours.

Resin Floor colours August 2015


March 2012, Mrs W, Oxfordshire

“What a brilliant system.  I can now locate exactly what I want as I know where everything fits in the garage.”

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