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March 2011, Mr M S, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire

I’m still enjoying the floor. I gave it a clean the other day and it took all of about two minutes, in fact it took more time to get to the kitchen and back with water than it did to do the floor, before it was all but impossible

March 2011, Mrs A M, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

What a joy to be able to find everything so easily and keep it clean. I’ve emptied so many cupboards in the house and transferred the stuff to the garage. The team who installed the system were punctual, friendly and efficient.

March 2011, Mr and Mrs J M, Manchester

The Garageflex system has transformed our garage from a disorganised heap of stuff around the edges to a tidy, attractive storage space. The installation team clearly take pride in their work and the whole experience was positive and professional. Thank you.

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