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Garage Wall Storage Solutions

  • Garage Wall Storage: Use FlexiPanel to cover your garage walls

Our Garage Wall Storage accessories enables you use your wall space efficiently

We understand that space is at a premium whether it be inside the house or the garage.  And as we all collect more belongings, the need for additional storage space becomes a necessity. So why not use your garage to add extra storage that can help you clear the clutter inside your house and give you back space to breathe.

On this page we will focus on the storage accessories available for your garage wall but if you want to add a ceiling, floor or door as well, then hop over to our Complete Garage Makeover page.

All of the Garageflex storage range are designed to clip onto either our FlexiPanel or FlexiTrack rather than attach directly to your garage wall.  The benefits of our system are that items are easily moved around your garage as and when your needs change and provide an element of insulation.  Both are available as part of our Design & Install service or via our e-store for DIY installation at home.


Garage Wall Storage: Flexible Wall Panel for your Garage Wall

Our white FlexiPanel covers the entire length of the wall from ceiling to floor and its glossy, reflective surface increases light. FlexiPanel gives you maximum flexibility as all of our storage accessories including Cabinets, Shelves and Bike Racks can be moved around as and when you want to, simply by slotting into the panel.


    • All our storage accessories slot into FlexiPanel giving you the maximum amount of flexibility to change your garage around as and when you choose to
    • Excludes drafts and eliminates nooks and crannies for bugs to hide in
    • The glossy, reflective surface increases light
    • Available accessories include Cabinets, Shelves, Bike Racks and more
    • FlexiPanel and all accessories come with a 10 year warranty



Garage Wall Storage: FlexiTrack Wall Storage Solutions

FlexiTrack are small singular strips of our FlexiPanel that can be fixed to your garage wall to accommodate many of our storage accessories including baskets and shelves. Unlike FlexiPanel, these strips don’t cover the entire wall but rather a small section.


  • Ideal if you have limited space or only want to panel a small area
  • Many of our storage accessories slot into FlexiTrack and can be moved around as and when you wish
  • FlexiTrack can hold larger items such as Cabinets and Bike Racks
  • Creates a streamlined look and gives flexible storage
  • Can be used in your garage, shed, outbuilding or utility room

FlexiTrack Wall Storage Solutions for a great fitted garage


Why not take a look at all of the garage wall storage accessories we offer to see what you could store. All products are available as part of our Design & Install service and most of them are also available for DIY installation. 

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