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Some Examples of Recent Garage Makeovers

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Here are a small selection of our before and after shots, to see the full list click here

Before: The doors were functional but were not opening smoothly.


After: The doors now exclude draughts, stop leaves and add real kerb appeal to this property.

Before: The garage floor was bare concrete, created lots of dust and didn't really give the garage any wow factor.


After: The striking floor tiles now makes a real statement in the garage, eliminate the dust from the concrete and even helps with parking of the car. Win-Win!

This new build was bare concrete walls and was in need of some storage solutions.


Our Design Consultant helped the client create zones in her garage and incorporated wall and ceiling storage into the overall scheme. Click on the image to see the Case Study.

Before: Plain and Ordinary, this garage in Wiltshire needed a revamp


After: Now it truly is fabulous!

Before: Nothing really had its own space, items were piled up on every surface and crying out for some good garage storage solutions.


After: The garage is tidied up, everything has its place and the floor is left uncluttered.

Before: The garage was dusty, filled up with lots of little bits and showed the ugly pipework and metres found in most garages.


After: Now the garage is clean, uncluttered and perfect for all the family to enjoy.

Before: The concrete floor was dusty and didn't look great.


After: A beautifully seamless Resin Floor installed. The customer is absolutely delighted with the results.

Before: Although well organised, the garage was dusty, damp and dark.


After: The customer now has plenty of space to store his items away or hang them on the well. Plus our white FlexiPanel and Ceiling materials make the garage feel lighter and brighter.

Before: The garage was a bit tired with bare walls and floor


After: The Slate Grey Resin Floor looks stunning, as do the Anthracite Grey Metal Cabinets providing plenty of wall storage for the happy customer.

When we started at the Double Your House garage it was just a newly built shell.


Once finished it was transformed into the 'man cave' that the owner craved.

This page shows a small selection of our case studies, to see the full list click here

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