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4th consecutive year exhibiting at The London Classic Car Show

We are delighted to announce that for the 4th consecutive year, we will be once again be exhibiting at The London Classic Car Show at Excel. 

Come and see us at The London Classic Car Show 2018

The London Classic Car Show is the must attend event for any discerning classic car owner, collector, expert or enthusiast. From 15-18 February at ExCeL London, the Show brings together an international celebration of the very best dealers, manufacturers, car clubs and products. Set in London’s premier events venue, the show features an indoor driving runway where iconic classic cars are fired up and driven. See, hear and smell these beautiful iconic classics in action!
The show runs from 4pm on Thursday 15th February until 5pm on Sunday 18th.    This year the show highlights include a feature on the best getaway cars curated by actor Philip Glenister as well as celebrating the career of this year’s icon award, Nigel Mansell.  As in previous years you can also see a  bevy of beauties on the Grand Avenue, get some insider tips on the best classic car buys from Quentin Willson and find a new classic to buy.
It really is a fun event to attend with a great atmosphere.  And this year you also get entrance to the Historic Motorsport International event at the same time.
Quentin Willson at The London Classic Car Show talking about his Smart Buys
We are excited to be exhibiting once again at this special show.  As with last year, we will be taking our mobile showroom that we have nicknamed ‘Tilly’ which shows exactly how your garage could be fitted out with wall panelling, cabinets, bike racks and shelving.  The trailer even allows you to see our resin and floor tiles that you can put on your garage floor.  This year we will be on stand A21 so please pop by and say hello if you are attending.
Garageflex exhibits at The London Classic Car Show
To see our photos from 2017 click here.
If you haven’t yet booked your tickets or for more information visit www.thelondonclassiccarshow.co.uk




Popular Garage Renovation Ideas

If you’re planning to update your home or any part of it for the purpose of increasing living space and your property value or just increasing storage space, then look no further than a garage renovation.


It doesn’t matter if you add an elegant new floor and garage door or a highly efficient storage system; this often underutilised part of your home can become a major asset of your home. Many families wait to remodel their garage just before they decide to sell. That is a great idea if you want the house to sell faster and at a great price, but why not consider a garage renovation now so you can enjoy it too?  Let’s have a look at some effective garage renovation ideas. 

  1. Storage Organisation Systems: Apart from parking your cars, one of the most important attributes of your garage is that it’s often one of the largest rooms of the house and therefore offers many options for creating more storage space. An active family’s garage needs a storage and organisation system for sports equipment, camping gear, hobby supplies, workshop tools, bulk household items and garden tools. A combination of cabinets, overhead storage racks, workbenches and FlexiPanel can solve every family’s challenge of making the garage work for them.
  2. New Garage Door and Opener: Another item that will improve the curb appeal of your home is a new garage door and opener.  Is your garage door sagging and cracking, almost impossible to lift? Or is it just generally falling apart? If so, now is the time to replace it with a new door that’s easy to operate and maintain. Not only can a new garage door and opener provide safe, secure, easy access to your garage, but — as one of your house’s most visible elements — it can renew and refresh your home’s appearance. Your garage options are:
  • Up and Over
  • Roller Shutter
  • Sectional
  • And then they come in Wood, Aluminium, Steel or Glass panel

Selecting the right garage door and opener has plusses beyond beautifying your home … there is also safety, security, energy savings and home automation benefits to consider.

  1. New Flooring: One of the best and easiest ways to make your garage look attractive, clean and elegant is to install a new floor.  Apart from aesthetical aspects, this will also help you to protect your garage floor from spills, leaks, chipping and cracking, and what’s more, the new surface is much easier to clean as well. There are various grades of flooring solutions to provide homeowners with a sigh of relief and a beautiful, durable garage floor.

The most popular options are:

  • Stains and Clear Coats (least expensive)
  • Pvc Inter-locking Flooring Tiles
  • Resin Flooring
  • Grind, Patch and Polish Concrete (most expensive)
  1. Transform your garage into an entertainment space: Now, this is a very popular garage renovation idea. As you may already know that garage is one of the most spacious rooms of your home, you can easily convert it into an entertainment room. You can include big screen TV, pinball machine, football table, pool table, treadmill, weights or you can even set up a refrigerator and bar in your garage. 
  2. Create a home office: With the advent of the internet, more and more people prefer to work from home these days. Whether you need a  quiet place you call your own, a work centre to get things done, you’ll need order, organisation and a space for your files, equipment and supplies that allows you to do what you need to do with ease and comfort.  Once you install new flooring, lighting and install insulation and Panel, you just need to add a desk, filing cabinets, shelves, a phone line, computer and Internet access, and then your very own private office space is ready for you. 
  3. Make it your personal gym: Another garage renovation idea is to convert your garage into a  home gym. Just include a treadmill, free weights, exercise bike and a yoga mat. You can further enhance your garage gym by adding a terrific sound system, wall mounted flat panel television and some good workout DVD’s. 

Now you have a few good garage renovation ideas that can improve the quality of your daily routine and enhance your home’s value. So start dreaming of how you want to renovate your garage

A look back at our 2017 Garage Makeovers

With the turn of the year, we always find it is a good opportunity to look back over the garage installations we have completed.  It gives us a sense of achievement as well as satisfaction that we have turned dirty, dusty and cluttered garages into places that are now tidy, clean and sparkling.

With this in mind we created a short video clip which highlights some of the best makeovers we have been involved in for 2017.

Want yours to look this good?

It really can be a reality.  And it doesn’t have to cost the earth to get it.  We do a lot of work for customers who want the full garage makeover installation which includes walls, ceiling, floor and units.  However, we do have many customers who want just a floor, one wall or even some FlexiTrack on their wall so they can put up a few bike racks.

Our aim is to work with you to create the storage that you need in your garage, shed, basement or utility room.  So do give us a call to discuss. 

Full Garage Makeover

To see what this includes and a gallery of finished garages, click here.

DIY Garage Storage

Or you could opt for a DIY option that works out significantly more cost effective.  Click here to visit our e-store.

Is it ever too early to start planning your new year garage?

With Christmas over, our thoughts generally turn to the new year.  Whether it be that much longed for ski holiday, the thought of Spring not too far away or that it is finally time to take the bull by the horns and sort out the garage.

Garageflex - is it ever too early to start planning your new garage?

Starting off

The hardest step is probably taking the plunge and actually getting started on the project.  Especially if your garage space is cluttered, cold and not very nice to be in.  But we think that once the project is completed, you’ll be so pleased that you did it.  Take the example below, the garage of Mr David Flatman who is an ex England Rugby player.  The garage went from cluttered and dark to light and organised.  Or in his words “…a work of art.”

Flatman Before and After Garageflex

What can I do?

The first step is to try and declutter everything in your garage to thin out the amount you have to store.  Then once you have everything you want to keep, we would recommend getting us in at this point to assess the size of your garage and to provide a design and quote for adding in storage to suit your requirements.

What can we offer?

It may be that you have a number of bikes to store, various gardening tools or a combination of many different items.  We have various hooks, racks and hangers that can make storing all manner of items a doddle.

Hertfordshire New Build Garage Garageflex

In addition to hanging items up on your wall to clear the floor, we also offer ceiling storage such as Overhead Racks or Hooks which can free up even more space.

To compliment the space we can also install a floor which reduces dust and new garage doors to stop all those draughts coming in.

Dorset Garage Floor and Threshold Barrier Garageflex

The beauty of our system is that what your new garage looks like is really up to you.  We take your dimensions, items to be stored and any restrictions such as pipes, metres etc., and create a design that works to your requirements.

To see how much this might cost, take a look at our Pricing page which gives you an idea for a single, double or triple garage. 

Of course, not everyone wants to completely re-do the garage and we understand that.  So you can either get one wall done, a floor or even install our products yourself by buying them on our e-store.

Garageflex DIY: Buy Online to Install yourself at home

How have we helped others?

We’ve completed over 900 installations across the UK over the past 11 years.  We get some great feedback and testimonials from our customers.  You can see some of these here.  Below you will a very nice testimonial from one of our clients whose garage we completed in December 2016.  They were absolutely delighted with the finished result.


Garageflex Surrey Testimonial December 2016

To book your Garageflex appointment, call us on 01491 579975 or email us and we’ll get  back to you.

Christmas Advent Top Tips – Weekly Round Up 15-21

Following on from our previous blogs for tips 1-6 and 7-14, here’s our list of 15-21.  This selection of tips include ideas for turning your garage into a home gym, toy storage and how to store your wine (and Champagne) the right way.

15th December – How to store your Classic Car

If you are a classic car fan, then this garage renovation could be just what you need to provide you with some inspiration.  Read the full blog here.

Garageflex Top Tips Christmas - Storing your Classic Car Blog



16th December – Get Healthy, Save Money

Perhaps you’ve had one too many Christmas parties and are now contemplating a fitness routine. A solution could be to transform your garage into a home gym space. Get healthy AND save on the gym fees!

Garageflex Top Tips Get Healthy Save Money, turn your garage into a home gym



17th December – 5 ways to tidy away toys

Kids toys are one of the many things we are asked to help tidy away. Sometimes it is because they have outgrown the items or the parents need to create a little more space inside the home. So with this in mind, we’ve brought together five ideas to help sort them out.  Read the full blog here.

Garageflex Top Tips 5 ways to tidy away toys




18th December – 6 Tips for storing bottles for Christmas (in your garage)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we are sure you have a few bottles ready for the big day. But how to store them? We’ve got six tips that will help keep them in perfect condition

Garageflex Top Tips: 6 tips for storing bottles for Christmas in your garage




19th December – Bike Storage Ideas

How do you store your bike? Our blog looks at storage ideas to keep your space neat and tidy. Read our full blog here.

Garageflex Top Tips: Bike Storage Ideas




20th December – How to make the garage a safe place for all the family

When it comes to keeping everyone safe, here are some Christmas TopTips to keep the garage a safe place for all the family. Read the full blog for more useful ideas.  Read the full blog here.

Garageflex Top Tips: How to make your garage a safe place for all the family



21st December – 6 places you could use our storage options (apart from the garage)

Where else can you use our wall storage accessories, apart from the garage of course? Here’s 6 ideas including the Shed, Utility and SummerHouse

Garageflex Top Tips: 6 places you could put our storage options around the home









Christmas Advent Top Tips – Weekly Round Up 7-14

Continuing our round up of the latest top tips, below you will find Christmas Advent Top Tips 7 -14.  Tips include things that you shouldn’t store in your garage, how to make it bug-free and some ideas around storing classic cars.

7th December – Organise your garage with dedicated zones

Creating zones in your garage makes finding the items you need, when you need them, much easier. Saving you time that you can put to something else, like wrapping Christmas presents!

Garageflex Top Tips Orgnise your garage into dedicated zones

8th December – 5 ways to perk up your garage

Looking for some Top Tips to perk up your garage? Look no further.

Garageflex Tips - 5 ways to perk up your garage

9th December – 7 ways to bug-proof your garage

Bug proofing is one of the reasons that our customers ask for a full garage transformation which includes wall, ceiling and flooring. So here are 7 tips to help bug proof your garage.  Read our blog on creating a bug-free space here.

Garageflex Tips - 7 ways to bug proof your garage

10th December – 10 Amazing Garage Design Ideas

We have been seeing some great garage design ideas out there recently and so thought a blog about the best 10 things you can do in your garage was just crying to be written!  To read the full blog, click here.Garageflex Top Tips: 10 Amazing Garage Design Ideas

11th December – Garage Flooring

Concrete floors can be dusty, dirty and damp. But Floor Tiles can create a modern garage feel with minimum effort.  To order yours, click here.

Garageflex Top Tips: Update your Garage Floor

12th December – Home improvements for the classic car enthusiast

According to car restoration experts, the best place to store a classic car is an airy and dry barn but not everyone has that luxury of space, especially if they live in an urban area.

Here are some tips to help owners or future buyers keep their classic cars in tip-top condition.  Read the full blog here.

Garageflex Top Tips - home improvements for the classic car enthusiast


13th December – Creating your own DIY Corner

Imagine your own corner of the garage to do DIY. It doesn’t have to be a dream as it is very easy to create a space for keeping all your bits and pieces as well as a workbench to work at.

Read more of our blog by clicking here.

Garageflex Top Tips: Creating your own DIY Corner

14th December – 8 things you should not store in your garage

There are certain things that you think would be ok to store in the garage. But check out our list for items you should definitely NOT store here.

Garageflex Top Tips 14th December - 8 things you should not store in your garage


Keep a look out for the next series of Top Tips.  Or you can follow us on our Facebook page to see them as they are published.

Follow us on Facebook Garageflex

Christmas Advent Top Tips – Weekly Round Up 1-6

This year, we thought we would treat you to a range of different top tips for every day of December.   So here’s tips 1 through to 6 which range from how to brighten up your garage to decluttering.  We hope you find them interesting and useful.

1st December – Getting started on Decluttering     

This December, we’ve decided to give you some top tips and ideas every day. Today, we are kicking off with four very simple tips to get you started on the decluttering.                                               

Christmas Advent Top Tips 1st December Decluttering your Garage


2nd December – Creating a brighter garage

How do you create a brighter garage? Our Christmas Advent Top Tips give you food for thought.

Garageflex Christmas TopTips - Creating a Brighter Garage Space


3rd December – Banish your clutter to the ceiling

With the lead up to Christmas and the thought of all the lovely things to come into our homes, it might be time to have a declutter of your home. But where can you put the things that you don’t need in the house? We have the answer.  Click here to read our blog, or on the image below.

3rd Dec Banish your clutter to the ceiling

4th December – Storage Ideas for the Smaller Space

As much as we would love it, most of us don’t have a huge triple garage to put all our clutter in. We have to make do with a small space in the garage, shed or basement that can serve as a storage area along with other uses. Click here to read our blog, or click on the image below.

4th December_ Ideas for a small space

5th December – Clearing your Floor

Today’s tip is all about clearing up your garage floor and what you can do to have a tidy and organised space.

5th December Garageflex Top Tips Clearing your Garage floor


6th December – Making your garage a safe place for all the family

Making the garage a safe place for all the family Garageflex

Keep a look out for the next series of Top Tips.  Or you can follow us on our Facebook page to see them as they are published.

Follow us on Facebook Garageflex

Christmas Opening Hours

Christmas Opening Hours Garageflex December 2017

Our offices will be closing at 1pm on Friday 22nd December and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.  We will not be open between these dates.

However, if you find that you might have some time over the festive period to see one of our Design Consultants to discuss your garage, then please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to arrange an appointment for you during this time.  You can call us on 01491 579975 which will divert to Alastair Broom’s mobile during our office closure.

If you are looking for storage accessories, our e-store is always open.  Or you can still email us or download our brochure here.

Garageflex Christmas Opening Hours 2017



Garageflex support Ride East Africa group cycling through Rwanda and Tanzania

We were delighted to support a group of cyclists who have just cycled through Rwanda and Tanzania as part of a Ride East Africa challenge.  The team who completed their challenge on Friday, December 3rd, were supporting four African and UK charities through Charity Links and were hosted by the team at The Slow Cyclist.

Garageflex supports Ride East Africa cyclists challenge

Starting at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, the team made their way through Tanzania taking in the Serengeti and some local wildlife.  They then pushed on through to the border with Rwanda before finishing up in Musanze among the jungle volcanoes.  A big congratulations to everyone who took part and were involved.  To read their journeys blog, click here.

We loved this shot below of the team showing off their Garageflex shorts!

Garageflex support cyclists cycling Tanzania to Rwanda with Ride East Africa  Garageflex support cyclists cycling Tanzania to Rwanda with Ride East Africa

Christmas Advent Top Tips: 9th December, 7 Ways to Bug-Proof your Garage

Unfortunately bugs are a part of most spaces in our homes that do not get used very often.  And garages are no exception.  Which of you haven’t gone into your garage to find a few spiders hanging around or worse mice and rats.  For us, that’s one of the real bug bears, along with cluttered garages, but you can do something about it.

Our 7 tips will get your garage bug-proof in no time.


Garageflex Christmas Top Tips: 7 ways to bug proof your garage


If you keep any food in your garage, make sure it is properly sealed in an air-tight container.  That includes pet supplies too.  Mice and rats like nothing more than an easy meal and will soon set up home if there is a continued supply.


Ensuring that you don’t have excess items cluttering up the space leaves no room for critters to take up residence unnoticed.  If everything is either packed away in boxes or stored neatly in cupboards then chances are you will spot any visitors before they multiply.

Store items off the ground

Not only does it keep your floor clear and make it a safer place for you and your family, it makes it easy to keep an eye out for any droppings or spillages.  Invest in some wall and ceiling storage as shown below and you’ll be able to identify issues and act quickly.

Keep everything off of the floor in your garage

Don’t keep piles of old clothes or newspapers

Clothes and newspapers can be a breeding ground for rodents and bugs as they can be used to build nests and keep them from prying eyes.  If you need to keep this kind of item in your garage, it is best kept in storage boxes with a sealed lid so you can be sure nothing can get in.

Give your garage an airing!

Most of us regularly open the windows in our houses to give our rooms some fresh air.  An added benefit of this is that it also blows away any cobwebs and this can be of benefit in the garage too.  Especially on a windy day!

Seal the doors

Make sure that bugs can’t get through any gaps around your doors.  Consider filling in any gaps or installing a threshold barrier which has the added benefit of keeping water and leaves out too.

Threshold barriers stop water, leaves and bugs from getting into your garage

And Finally…

All of these things are a great way to keep bugs and rodents out.  But to guarantee it, we would recommend fitting our FlexiPanel wall cladding, a ceiling installation and laying a floor.   This way, you are almost sealing up the whole garage allowing no space for bugs to linger and hide. 

Find out more about our Garage Makeovers.

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