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Sharing some great customer testimonials received recently

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We absolutely love getting great feedback from our customers and when we receive four testimonials in a week we are over the moon!

From resin and tiled floors to full garage makeovers, here is what some recently customers are saying about the service we offer and the finished results.

Full garage makeover – Mrs E, Esher, Surrey    May 2018

“I have been so pleased with the whole process & decision to use Garageflex.  The ‘boys’ were excellent, worked so hard & were extremely polite & helpful.

Abi was just amazing & completely understood what I wanted and showed me what would work best for me and my husband. He too is delighted with the end result. Abi was knowledgeable and practical, really helpful and excellent at communicating, even coming to put all the contents of the garage back inside when Peter and Bill had finished which was very helpful for me, and so much more than I had expected.”


Floor Tile Installation – Mr and Mrs W, Kenley, Surrey    May 2018

“Just a quick note to say how wonderful your guys were yesterday. They even lifted the back cabinets to get the flooring under the entire area. I know we only had the floor done but we are absolutely delighted with the result.”

Floor Tile Installation – Mr M, Hertford, Hertfordshire    May 2018

Via Twitter: “Floor tiles laid by earlier and now it’s nicer than my house. 😂

Garageflex Customer Testimonials Flooring

Resin Floor Installation – Mr and Mrs L, Staines Upon Thames   May 2018

“We are thrilled to bits with our lovely new garage floor. We keep going in the garage and admiring it! The whole process was carried out methodically in spite of the intense heat.  It was a pleasure meeting Alastair and Veronique and thank you once again for our lovely flooring with which we are really thrilled.”

To see some other customer testimonials, please click here.

Restore the Balance of Vital Energy in Your Garage with Our Quick Guide to Feng Shui


7 tips to Feng Shui your garage

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which balances the energy levels in your home.  And we thought, why couldn’t this be used in the garage?  It may even result in a better time on your bike or a lower golf handicap.   So here’s our top tips to get your garage bursting with positive energy.

1.       Declutter.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just get rid of all your unwanted junk.  It might be a time consuming process but it will help you establish what is worth keeping and what can be freecycled, given to charity or sent to the tip.  Remember you must be brave and you must be honest otherwise it’s a pointless task.


2.       Give your garage an airing.  Sounds a bit mad right?  But actually letting good quality air and light into your garage is essential for good feng shui energy.  If you can’t leave your door open why not think about an air purifying plant, we’ve found a little list of some good options.

3.       Paint the walls in a colour that pleases you or panel it with some of our white FlexiPanel to bounce the light around.  Or you could try adding in pictures of things or people you love that make you happy.

4.       Add wall storage such as cabinets where you can store items and close the doors on them.  This gives you a cleaner feel to the space rather than a cluttered junk pile.  Also using specialist tool storage racks will keep items all together and out of the way, ensuring they are safe from little hands.

5.       Fix your squeaky or broken garage door.  See our recent blog on how easy this is to do.

6.       Check the safety in your garage such as electrics and lighting, ensuring there are no cables to trip over.  Making the garage a safe place for everyone is essential, especially if you have kids or grandchildren.

7.       And finally.  Always park your car with the headlights facing away from the house.  The reason behind this a car is man-made and if this points to your house it can create bad energy, certainly something to avoid.

So there you have it – positive energy all the way for your garage and hopefully it might just rub off on other aspects of your life too.  Happy feng shuiing!

Garageflex Brand Values

When you are looking for a Company to help you with a problem, you want to be sure you can trust them to deliver a good job.  That’s why we wanted to tell you about our Brand Values so you can see what we stand for and how we treat our customers.

Our Brand Values - Garageflex About Us


We go the extra mile – always

If something’s not right, we’ll go the extra mile to fix it. We focus on maintaining good, solid relationships with our customers to keep them coming back to us time after time and to recommend us to others.

We’re highly attentive

We look after our customers and work with them during the sales process. We sit down with them to discuss their needs in detail to ensure we supply the right solution for them. We’re a flexible team that will even open the showroom on weekends. Once a sale is made, we don’t pressure our customers to be ready when we are, if they haven’t cleared the space, we’ll simply rebook them in when they’re ready.

We have an eye for detail

We wholeheartedly believe in our product. When we source new ranges, we spend time finding exactly the right parts to ensure the customer gets the very best finish that’s right for them. And nothing less.

We’re not pushy

We don’t force a standard system on a customer, and though we have three base prices, we’ll work to deliver the best combination for that customer – even if that means fitting only one wall or they go the DIY route. We are always flexible.

We’re honest

We’re honest and trustworthy. We believe our pricing structure should be exactly the same, so there are no hidden extras. Our customers pay what was agreed, and nothing more. We understand how important our customer’s home is to them, which is why we treat it respectfully, as if it was our own.



New Economy Range of Floor Tiles now available on our e-store

We are delighted to offer a new Economy range of Floor Tile on our e-store, available to buy for DIY installation.

New Economy Range of Floor Tiles now available to buy

We are delighted to add a new Economy Range of Floor Tiles to our online store,  starting from just £6.50 per tile including VAT and delivery.
With flooring being one of the integral parts of a garage, we decided to broaden the range of Floor Tiles that we had on offer.  This new range is still heavy-duty and interlocks easily together to give you a picture perfect garage floor.
Made from recycled vinyl PVC and perfect for garages and workshops, they are easy to fit (DIY) and have either a checker top or coin top finish for that stunning showroom look! They can be laid on most flat surfaces with minimal preparation and can help transform home garages and industrial areas into professional work areas.
Checker top floor tile for your garage DIY floor Coin top garage floor tile economy range Garageflex DIY
Each tile measures 500x500mm and has a thickness of 12mm.  They can take a maximum load weight of 3,000kg per tile and are resistant to most solvents and chemicals.
They are very easy to install, clean and maintain.  Please note these are only available for DIY Installations, they are not part of the Design & Install range where we use our Premium Floor Tile range.
To view our full range, including Ramp Edges, click here.

Garageflex to exhibit at The Elite London event at Wycombe Air Park

We are delighted that for the first time, Garageflex will be exhibiting at the fantastic Elite London event held at Wycombe Air Park in Buckinghamshire, taking place on 11th and 12th May 2018.

The Elite London event is ‘London’s most exclusive jet set lifestyle event’ specialising in a combined gathering of lifestyle products and related services at one unique private venue, accessible by both road and air.

Garageflex to exhibit at The Elite London Event

This unique showcase offers over thirty on the day experiences where visitors are able to indulge in a variety of jet-set activities from; supercar test drives, to clay pigeon shooting and helicopter pleasure flights.

The event incorporates five show sections including; ‘Jet-set Lifestyle, The Marine Elite, The Luxury Brand Show, ‘Supercar Showcase’ and new for 2018, ‘The E.J. Churchill Country and Shooting Show’. In total over 150 luxury brands will be on showcase during the 2 day event.

Where can you find us?

Our mobile exhibition trailer which showcases our products and services, giving you a chance to see up close how we can help with your garage, will be located at the Luxury Brand Showcase / Supercar Showcase area of the event.  Do come and say hello if you are planning to attend.

Garageflex Mobile Showroom at Elite London May 2018


The location on the western edge of London, makes it an easy and attractive venue for all visitors by air, rail and road. Wycombe itself is set within the Chilterns, much of which is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. To the east lies London, just a few miles away, westwards is the city of Oxford steeped in history, whilst in the south is Windsor in the Royal County of Berkshire.

Elite London Location Map

Book Tickets

If you would like to attend then why not be added to our mailing list to be the first to hear when our free tickets are released.   If you can’t wait and want to book your tickets now, you can go to the Elite London website.



How to spring clean your garage

With National Spring Cleaning Week over for another year, it isn’t too late to take the bull by the horns and declutter your home and garage.

Decluttering can help you re-invigorate your life by cleaning out and getting rid of winter bugs, pollen and dust.  You can also bring it into other areas of your life such as your Finances and Technology. 

How to spring clean your garage

A typical garage has plenty of storage space if you put the walls and ceiling to good use. Making it a clean and organised space rather then a dumping ground is certainly something to strive for.  The hardest part is probably taking the first step.  But if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, then there are specialists who will come in and declutter for you.  Here are some tips to help ‘spring’ you into action this weekend.

1. Be Realistic

Whether you have a spare half hour or a longer period, be realistic about what you can achieve in the time period.  De-cluttering can feel a bit overwhelming so give yourself manageable tasks.

2. Clear one area at a time

Start with one particular area, whether it be the entrance to your garage or the area that will take the least amount of effort. Psychologically this may help you deal with the rest of the area at a later date.  Next, sort the items into three piles: one pile to keep, one pile to get rid of and a third pile for which you are not quite sure. Ask yourself, will I ever use this again? If you think not then perhaps its time to get rid of it. 

How can you spring clean your garage

3. What can I do with the things I no longer need?

You can consider things like Freecycle, your local charity shop, a car boot sale, ebay or if the item is in bad condition then perhaps a skip or local tip.  Its always a good idea to recycle where possible and after all one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure!

4. What about the other two piles?

With the ‘not sure’ pile its best to go through it again another day and see if you have any further thoughts on whether you will use the item again.  If you are still unsure then its best to box it up with the date and contents written on the outside and make a note on your calendar to look at it again in six months time.  If by this time you still haven’t used it, then it may become a recyclable item!

5. Give your garage a good clean

Once you’ve got everything out or at least know what you are going to keep, it is time to give the garage a scrub.  Try hoovering up all the cobwebs on the floor, walls and ceiling, it is amazing what a difference this can make.  Clean the floor with water, a cleaning fluid and broom to get rid of the dust and grime.

How can you spring clean your garage

6. Organise your items properly

Finally it is time to put everything back.  For those items that you are going to keep, the task is now about proper storage so you can easily find it when you need it.  We think creating zones in your garage such as DIY, Gardening, Kids, Crafts, Home etc. are a good place to start and also invest in some good quality storage solutions. Cabinets that fit on the wall or floor are a good option to tidy things away and keep them out of sight.  Or a selection of baskets or shelves may be all you need.  Take a look at our range of storage solutions which might give you some inspiration on what to choose for your garage.

Create a specific garage zones by Garageflex

7. Put everything back in

The hard work is done, it is now time to put everything back and reap the benefits of a clean, tidy and organised garage space.  There are plenty of other things you can do as part of the National Spring Cleaning Week – to find out more visit their website.


5 ways to keep your garage cosy during the cold weather

5 ways to keep your garage cosy during the cold weather-2


We admit it.  Garages are never going to be the warmest of places in your  house but there are a few things you can do to keep the warmth in.  Here are five ways to warm up your garage.  And whilst they may never be the cosiest place on earth, chances are it will be a little warmer for your DIY or general tinkering.

1 Fit garage doors with a draught excluder

Garageflex draught excluder

A lot of older garage doors are not completely sealed tight so let in draughts, making it colder than it needs to be.  Try installing some kind of excluder like this threshold barrier which will seal the door completely and stop the wind, leaves or even snow from getting in.

2.  Are your garage windows up to the job?

If you have windows in your garage then this is a big source of heat loss.  Try buying a window insulation kit that gives a double glazing effect, helping you cut down on heat loss and stop draughts.

3  Install a barrier on your garage walls

FlexiPanel helps to seal up your garage walls

Adding insulation to your garage walls can help keep the heat in.  Or try our FlexiPanel.  This covers your entire wall with our white panel which can help to stop draughts that come in any tiny holes.  The panel also has the added benefit of eliminating nooks and crannies were bugs can hide.

4.  Add in heaters

This is an obvious one.  But if you work in your garage, use if for DIY and hobbies or a games room then you might want to think about heaters such as forced air heaters or convector ones.  You could even consider electrical heating panels which fit on the ceiling if you are low on space or a heater ‘curtain’ which fits in front of your doors and costs about £150.

5.  Lay a floor and add in ceiling cladding

Sealing the floor can help stop the cold from rising upwards.  We find that Floor Tiles are a good option.  In addition, we all know that warm air rises so adding in ceiling panelling to stop this air from escaping through the roof will also help to keep it more cosy.

Garageflex range of floor tiles for your residential home garage floor


We are always happy to answer any questions you have so please do get in touch!


Lots of fun at The London Classic Car Show

Last weekend we attended the London Classic Car Show at Excel and yet again, it was a great event which was well attended.  We’ve been going for the last four years and so it was good to catch up with old friends and meeting new customers.

Garageflex attend the London Classic Car Show #LCCS2018

Whilst there, we met up with a previous customer whose garage floor we installed in 2017.  He was only too happy to give us this great video testimonial on our stand and tell us why he is so happy with the job.  Click on the video below to find out more.

As always, if you would like to discuss your garage, please do get in touch with us on 01491 579975 or email us at info@garageflex.co.uk.

Garageflex and GDPR

A few important changes to note around Data Protection Legislation and GDPR

What is GDPR?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of EU regulations set to come into force on May 25th 2018. The regulations give citizens more control over their data and to create a uniformity of rules to enforce across the continent.

What are Garageflex doing?

We recently sent out a note to all those on our database to update them on how we are dealing with this issue.  We shall in future only be able to keep those on our database informed of what we are doing if express permission is given.

What this means is that we won’t offer the chance to “opt out” of receiving emails and newsletters. Instead we will have to seek express permission to communicate with our customers. Without this we shall not be able to keep in touch.

We are currently working on updating our website, CRM programme and all areas of communications with our customers and will bring you an update shortly.

4th consecutive year exhibiting at The London Classic Car Show

We are delighted to announce that for the 4th consecutive year, we will be once again be exhibiting at The London Classic Car Show at Excel. 

Come and see us at The London Classic Car Show 2018

The London Classic Car Show is the must attend event for any discerning classic car owner, collector, expert or enthusiast. From 15-18 February at ExCeL London, the Show brings together an international celebration of the very best dealers, manufacturers, car clubs and products. Set in London’s premier events venue, the show features an indoor driving runway where iconic classic cars are fired up and driven. See, hear and smell these beautiful iconic classics in action!
The show runs from 4pm on Thursday 15th February until 5pm on Sunday 18th.    This year the show highlights include a feature on the best getaway cars curated by actor Philip Glenister as well as celebrating the career of this year’s icon award, Nigel Mansell.  As in previous years you can also see a  bevy of beauties on the Grand Avenue, get some insider tips on the best classic car buys from Quentin Willson and find a new classic to buy.
It really is a fun event to attend with a great atmosphere.  And this year you also get entrance to the Historic Motorsport International event at the same time.
Quentin Willson at The London Classic Car Show talking about his Smart Buys
We are excited to be exhibiting once again at this special show.  As with last year, we will be taking our mobile showroom that we have nicknamed ‘Tilly’ which shows exactly how your garage could be fitted out with wall panelling, cabinets, bike racks and shelving.  The trailer even allows you to see our resin and floor tiles that you can put on your garage floor.  This year we will be on stand A21 so please pop by and say hello if you are attending.
Garageflex exhibits at The London Classic Car Show
To see our photos from 2017 click here.
If you haven’t yet booked your tickets or for more information visit www.thelondonclassiccarshow.co.uk




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